What Happens If You Eat Raw Garlic On An Empty Stomach

The first scientifically proven benefit of consuming garlic on an empty stomach is the virus removal because garlic acts as an antibiotic. It is recommended to eat it on an empty stomach because in the morning the bacteria in your body are overexposed, so they can’t defend themselves against the powerful effects of garlic.

Other recognized garlic benefits are: it improves blood circulation, it prevents heart problems, it helps the liver and bladder to work better, it improves symptoms in people with hypertension.

In addition, it greatly helps digestion, which is why you’ll have an increased appetite. Garlic can be called “the cure of all stomach problems” because it not only helps in cases of diarrhea, but is also a powerful antioxidant and antibiotic perfect for filtering toxins inside your stomach. Garlic helps you get rid of stress because it controls and stops the production of excess acid in the stomach, a problem that occurs when you get stressed or nervous.

Garlic is a wonderful tool for detoxification. It is so powerful that naturally removes harmful bacteria in your body and prevents diseases such as diabetes, depression or typhus.

Tip: if you decided to eat garlic because of all these benefits, try to consume it in a natural state. You can fry it a little in the pan, but in any case don’t boil it, as it will lose its main benefits.

If you want to eat raw garlic, you can rub your scalp with it or you can prepare a paste of garlic and oil that will help stop excessive hair loss.
Also, you can apply a slice of garlic over a pimple to make sure you’ll get rid of microbes and to make sure you’ll dry it quickly.
And if you are dealing with psoriasis, garlic is your best ally: apply it on the affected area and enjoy the nature’s healing.

Image Credits: Nature at Home

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