The Best Exercises To Prevent And Reduce Varicose Veins

The varicose veins problem is one of the best known circulatory health disorders. It is particularly prevalent in women but can also occur in men. Generally, the unsightly varicose veins are caused by dilated veins, dilations that cause an improper blood flow in the body.

The most common factor causing the varicose vein occurrence is the sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in the chair or lack of exercise can cause circulatory problems, and over time, varicose veins occur. Therefore, we recommend one of the most useful and simple activities to keep your legs active.

Walking, of course, it’s an excellent idea. Walking every day for 30 minutes helps the blood. Also, walking is a great exercise to keep you fit and to control your weight.

Stretching helps prevent varicose veins

Walking mimicking
Stretching is another handy and easy way to exercise. You need a chair in order do this exercise. Sit on, strongly support the heels on the floor and raise the tiptoes, then lower them and raise them again. This exercise is mimicking the leg movement while walking. Repeat this movement 20 times on each leg.

Cycling mimicking
Riding the bike or imitating this movement is a great option for exercise. It’s obvious that this exercise can be done either on a normal bike or on a stationary bike or sitting back with your feet up. In the first instance you have the opportunity to take a bicycle ride or do some more complex sessions such as the spinning, a cardio exercise, which is achieved using a stationary bike. If you want to practice this exercise at home, you need to sit back and to raise your legs up to 45º, then imitate the pedaling motion.

Circular movements for varicose veins
Circular movements are a huge help in combating varicose veins. In order to make these movements you have to sit on the back and to raise one leg at a 45º angle. Sit in this position and start a clockwise circular motion. After 20-25 repetitions, change the foot and start the same movement.

Image Credits: Healcity

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