The Best 3-Ingredients Body Scrub For Radiant & Smooth Skin

It is very important to exfoliate your entire body, not only your face if you know you have dry skin. Using a body scrub regularly can seriously improve your skin, making it look radiant and feel very smooth. Also, it is very easy to prepare this body scrub by yourself at home; this way you know exactly what ingredients you use. Thus, you will keep it all natural and safe for your skin. Keep on reading and see my favorite recipe for the best 3-ingredients body scrub DIY for a radiant and smooth skin.

The best part of this DIY is that you probably already have all these 3 ingredients in your household. Thus, let’s gather all of our supplies and let’s start. We need brown sugar, coffee, and olive oil.

There is some belief that the caffeine in coffee can help reduce the appearance of aging skin. Whether or not this is true, exfoliating can help that area and reduce the appearance of bumpiness. Also, keep in mind that if your skin is sensitive, oatmeal is a good substitute for the coffee. It is lightly exfoliating while also soothing for the skin. Moreover, the olive oil adds moisture while also helping this mixture stay together and apply easily.

Combine ingredients and store the mixture in a dry place for up to 4 weeks. To use this amazing DIY body scrub, you will need to wet the skin first. This is why I always prefer to use this body scrub in the shower.

Now, my favorite way of applying this scrub is by making circular motions on the areas I know I have dry skin. This way, you will gently exfoliate the skin. After you applied this everywhere, make sure you rinse your body very well, it can get sticky if you leave some residues.

Also, if you know you can’t handle the solution or you have extra sensitive skin, just leave out the sugar and the coffee and use oatmeal instead. For oatmeal is even simpler because you will have to fill a bathtub with it and warm water. Thus, after you get in the tub, you gently start exfoliating your skin.

This body scrub is really amazing, I think you should try it out to better understand what I am saying. And, one downside of all this procedure is that using this scrub in your shower requires some clean up afterward! But your skin will feel so smooth and radiant that it worth everything!

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