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How To Stop Frequent Urination Naturally

Frequent urination is a problem faced by many people. Normally, we have to pee 6-8 times every 24 hours, but when you have to stop for a pit stop every 3-4 hours – you are most certainly dealing with frequent urination. Don’t you ever confuse frequent urination with urinary incontinence! The first is taking constant trips to the bathroom, while ...

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Celery Tea – Best Bacteria Killer To Get Rid Of UTI

Increased intake of liquids is an important measure to produce urine. Urination is a way to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the bladder. Generally, bladder infections are not severe. In fact, we can keep them under control very easily. However, we must find appropriate treatments so as to prevent complications. The good news is that, in addition to classical medicines, ...

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How To Get Rid Of Cystitis Without Antibiotics

Every woman faces at least once in her life with those horrible pains of cystitis. If you are lucky enough to get rid of it once and for all with medication, this disease won’t reappear. In most cases, however, this disease reappears, especially if it is caused by a bacterium taken from the digestive system, which is quite difficult to ...

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