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Remedies And Stretches For Plantar Fasciitis You Can Do At Work

Have you ever experience a stabbing pain coming from both of your heels right after you woke up in the morning? There are big chances to suffer from plantar fasciitis! What is plantar fasciitis, anyway? It’s a common foot condition that causes pain in one or both heels. When the plantar fascia ligaments in your feet become damaged or inflamed ...

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Treat Heel Spurs At Home Using Natural Therapy

I love hiking and taking long walks, but lately, I developed a heel spur which won’t go, and it becomes more and more painful. I’ve changed my footwear, but the pain is still there and it’s unbearable. So, I said that is time to see a physical therapist to get rid of my heel pain! Since I didn’t need surgery, ...

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