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How To Detox Your Blood With Only 2 Ingredients

Daily messy lifestyle, chaotic and unhealthy diet and physical inactivity cause us dealing with all sorts of health problems. Blood toxins and “padded” with fat arteries are a few effects of this kind of lifestyle. There is a solution to get rid of blood toxins and to lower high cholesterol levels. Here’s a great recipe that solves this problem, made ...

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The Most Effective Natural Tonic To Detox Your Liver

Fatigue, bloating, constipation and nausea are often signs of a liver suffering, most often due to unbalanced nutrition and chaotic lifestyle. We can help a tired liver with tonic remedies that accelerate liver cells healing, protect the liver from the toxic effects of substances it filters and prevents inflammation. Liver tonics are prepared from bitter herbs that have choleretic-cholagogue and ...

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6 Plants That Detoxify Your Blood

You feel tired, bloated, and your skin is dry and dull? All these are signs that your blood is full of toxins and residues, and your body not only lacks the vitamins, but the cells are saturated with substances that should be eliminated. See what herbs can be helpful in this situation! 1. Burdock root It’s an excellent herb for ...

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