Step-By-Step Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Athlete’s Foot Completely

If you are facing disturbing itching or if you are suffering from severe burning then you are battling with athlete’s foot. Thus, the problems are quite serious and need your immediate attention. Athlete’s foot is a disease caused by a fungus that forms due to a moist environment. Thus, you will find that these conditions develop mostly between your toes. However, you don’t need to worry, you can definitely fight this problem. And the most importantly, you can use only natural ingredients. Thus, keep reading!

The ingredients you need in fighting with the athlete’s foot are:

– vinegar. This ingredient is perfect for soaking your feet or for when you are washing your socks. Also, you could use either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, the choice is yours but the results will be the same.

– baking soda or cornstarch. These ingredients will be perfect for keeping your feet dry. You don’t want a moist environment because this will encourage the foot fungus to grow.

The step-by-step treatment when you are battling with athlete’s foot consists of:

1. Vinegar foot soak. Thus, first of all, you need to start the treatment by soaking your feet in this mixture. For this vinegar foot soak, you need to mix together equal parts vinegar and water. Then, soak your feet for about 15 minutes for at least twice a day. Also, make sure you dry your feet thoroughly after every soak.

2. Washing your socks with vinegar. This process is also important because the treatment can only be that efficient. You also need to create favorable conditions so the fungus is completely eliminated. Thus, add a cup of white vinegar when you wash your socks and set the washing machine on the hottest setting. This way, you will kill any fungus from your socks.

3. Airdry your shoes. This is a more natural approach to get rid of the fungus. Also, you should use alternatively more pairs of shoes so the moisture won’t set. However, if you must wear the same shoes daily, make sure to sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch in them overnight in order to absorb any moisture there is.

4. Keep your feet dry. This is the final step, keeping your feet dry by sprinkling baking soda or cornstarch after each soak. This way you will absorb any moisture during the day. You could also use cotton socks because these are more favorable to keep away the moisture.

Why vinegar & baking soda work

In conclusion, I wanted you to understand why exactly the combination of these ingredients actually works. The vinegar will kill the fungus because it is an acetic acid, also contributing to soothing the itching. And trust me, this is what you need desperately. In the case of baking soda or cornstarch, these ingredients will make the fungus go away by taking care of the moisture. Thus, the fungus won’t spread any further. That’s it!

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