Say Goodbye To Urinary Infection With This Natural Remedy That Kills Bacteria In Just 1 Week!

Urinary tract infections may be a less pleasant topic. All who suffered from such infection know well how persistent and painful it can be. Usually they may recur several times after being treated, but this natural remedy will help get rid of bacteria and thus prevent the disease, because it’s a strong antibiotic.

The parsley root and lemon mixture (plus honey and olive oil) is a antiviral remedy and a powerful antibiotic too.


• 250 g of parsley root
• 250 g of lemons
• 250 g of honey
• 200 ml of olive oil

How to prepare:

Mince the parsley root and the lemons then chop all ingredients using the blender (including honey and olive oil).

You’ll get a smooth paste, which you put it in a jar and leave it refrigerated. Eat a spoonful each morning. After you’ll consume the whole content, you’ll certainly get rid of bacteria that cause this unpleasant infection.

Image Credits: Net Doctor

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