Safe Methods To Reduce Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Most women will say that pregnancy is amazing, even if you have to deal with all sort of awkward experiences such as bloating and swollen feet. As your pregnancy progresses, your feet and ankles will swollen, especially if you spend most of your time standing. It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes for 9 months. The swelling starts getting worse as the delivery date comes near and it increases even more during the evening and hot weather.

Actually, swollen feet during pregnancy are absolutely normal, and fortunately there are a lot of natural remedies to reduce swollen feet and feel more comfortable.

One of my friend told me about her pregnancy time: “I’m no stranger to the magical symptom of swollen feet and hands during pregnancy. During my last pregnancy, at the end of a day at my desk job, I looked like the Wikipedia entry for Elephantitis.” She tried almost everything from avoiding extend standing to keeping feet up, above the hips. She even got regular foot massage from her husband. Until the doctor said to try the next natural and safe remedy to reduce swollen feet.

Drink lemon water and eat tons of cucumbers…

Lemon water is a useful remedy for swollen feet because it helps to flush out the excess fluids and toxins and reduces the swelling in the body due to water retention. Also, drinking lemon water will keep you hydrated which also helps with swelling. Cucumbers, on the other hand, contain silicon and sulfur which can stimulate the kidneys and make them more efficient in flushing out the excess water and toxins. You can add cucumber slices to your lemon water or eat them raw. Apple cider vinegar and dandelion tea consumed have also been proven to help lessen edema symptoms.

…and don’t forget to salt soak your feet and massage periodically

An Epsom salt soak after a long and tiring day is always very relaxing and it can also help to reduce swelling in your feet during pregnancy. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate crystals which can enter the body quickly. This compound improves circulation and reduces the swelling. The salt soak can also relax tired and sore muscles. For the best results, you should mix a few tablespoons of the salt with warm water and soak the swollen feet for about 20 minutes repeated every day or at least three times a week.

Then, you can ask your husband or wife to massage your feet. It will make you feel much better.

Important! Actually, the most important thing is to change your footware. Comfortable shoes play an important role during pregnancy.

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