Purify Your Blood And Treat Acne With Garlic

Garlic is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It’s ideal to get rid of colds, acne and more. In areas affected by acne apply a composition made up of orange zest mixed with water. After ten minutes, clean with warm water. One of the easiest remedies for acne is applying lemon juice regularly on the pimples and acne. Leave ...

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Natural Remedies To Treat Ear Infection

Anyone has suffered from ear infections at some point in life. There are many causes that lead to these common conditions, such as water entering the ear while we take a bath or swim, particles or insects entering the ear canal, a tooth infection that extends to the ear and so on. In this article we’ll offer some tips on ...

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14 Homemade Juices That Reduce Cholesterol Level

High levels of cholesterol affect the body and can cause various complications such as arteries blockage. It’s a condition that requires regular and constant control to prevent cardiovascular disease. If you want to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, don’t hesitate to consume the following beverages that lower cholesterol levels. 1. Apple juice Numerous studies have shown that apples are very effective ...

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6 Plants That Detoxify Your Blood

You feel tired, bloated, and your skin is dry and dull? All these are signs that your blood is full of toxins and residues, and your body not only lacks the vitamins, but the cells are saturated with substances that should be eliminated. See what herbs can be helpful in this situation! 1. Burdock root It’s an excellent herb for ...

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The Best 6 Herbs For Colon Cleansing

Do you regularly clean your colon? It is said that a clean colon is essential to maintain a balanced and healthy life because it detoxifies your body and this gives you a good feeling. In this article you will learn how to clean your colon using medicinal plants. 1. Anise for health Here’s an easy to prepare remedy to reduce ...

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What Happens If You Eat Raw Garlic On An Empty Stomach

The first scientifically proven benefit of consuming garlic on an empty stomach is the virus removal because garlic acts as an antibiotic. It is recommended to eat it on an empty stomach because in the morning the bacteria in your body are overexposed, so they can’t defend themselves against the powerful effects of garlic. Other recognized garlic benefits are: it ...

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