Raw Potato Socks To Bring Down A Fever Quickly

Becoming a parent for the first time is very exciting, but at the same time very scary, that’s why you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Parenting hacks are all over the internet and I bet that every new mom will try at least one in their lifetime. At the same time, there are books, magazines, websites with all sorts of valuable hacks and tricks perfect to care for your little one.

Obviously, when you find some useful advice you would share with all of your cyber friends, especially new moms! They have to be in touch with every informative article, such as this one.

Did you know that you can lower your child’s fever with potatoes in socks?

Well, you should believe it because it’s true! Of course, there are plenty of testimonials over the internet, but I would want to share my own case!

I remember being a sick child, and I also remember how my grandma was taking care of me, especially when I was feverish. No ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medicines were needed. She was going into the cellar, grab two raw potatoes, slice them and apply the slices on my feet soles. The next day I was cheerful again. Potatoes seem to be a great ally when it comes to lowering fever.

How to use raw potatoes to lower fever

You need:

  • 2 raw potatoes (slices or grated)
  • A pair of cotton socks
  • Rubbing alcohol

If you choose to grate the potatoes, just fill the inside of a pair of socks with it and put your child’s socks on.
But, if you choose to use sliced potatoes, just cut some slices and apply them on your child’s forehead. Cover the forehead with a piece of gauze. Don’t stop here, and add some slices on your child’s feet then put a pair of cotton socks on.

Leave these remedies to act for a couple of hours or overnight.

Tip: before applying grated or sliced potatoes, just sprinkle them with some rubbing alcohol.
After removing your child’s raw potato socks you will notice a big difference. The potatoes will turn black and your child’s health will improve considerably.

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