Onion-Based Remedy To Get Rid Of Hives For A Soothing Relief

If you face with an allergic reaction or an infection, your skin will send you various alarm signals, including reddish rashes, also known as hives, accompanied by itching.

Hives is a widespread skin problem that can affect us at any age. This manifests itself in the form of disturbing reddish bumps that cause itching. The great news about this itchy situation is that you can easily get rid of it with the help of onion, as it follows:

Onions are rich in sulfur compounds that form its essential oils and are responsible for its characteristic smell and taste. The substances found in onions increases the effectiveness of the natural defense of the human body.

At the same time, the onion disulfide offers bactericidal and fungicidal properties useful for killing various types of harmful microorganisms.

– 1 sliced onion
– 20 cm of bandage (a piece of gauze)

Slice the onion and apply it over the area with rash.
Use the bandage to tie well the area.
Let it work for an hour, and then wash it with cold water.

Image Credits: Stylecraze

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