Natural Treatments For Tired Feet

The legs are a very important part of your body because they support your body weight throughout the day, which is why you must take good care of them and make sure you relax and rest them enough.

Proper feet rest doesn’t mean only to take your shoes off after a long and hard day. In this article we will present several ways to treat tired feet.

Hot baths

After a strenuous day at work, many people get home and feel that their legs tired. If it happens to you too, you can dip your feet in a bowl of water in which you added Epsom salts. If you want, you can also add rose petals or a few drops of peppermint oil – both are very effective in stimulating blood circulation. After the water has cooled, remove the feet and dry them. Massage your feet with the same oil you used for bathing and apply a lotion to make the skin smoother.


If you want to relax your feet, a massage with honey or mint or rosemary oil-based lotion can do wonders. Apply these ingredients on your feet using circular motions. Put on a pair of socks to keep moisture and place a pillow under your feet to raise them up a few centimeters. This process will help your feet feel better.

Rice baths

Put some rice in two cups of water. Allow the mixture to boil until one single water cup remains. Drain the water and pour it in a bowl. Let the water sit for a while then add three tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your feet in this mixture and keep them there until the water cools. Dry your feet and end the treatment with a peppermint oil massage.

A very useful advice that you can implement after a long day at work is to raise your legs, leaning them against the wall or a chair for at least 10 minutes. Continue the treatment with a soothing massage, using circular motion from the fingertips to the foot top.

Tips to prevent tired feet

– Try to walk barefoot for at least half an hour every day. If you can do that in nature, on grass or sand, it will be even better for you.

– Make sure you don’t wear too tight shoes. In this way you’ll improve circulation. Avoid shoes with very high heels or narrow tips.

– Trying to adopt a healthy diet and avoid salty foods, since they cause water retention in the body that leads to feet swelling.

– Put your feet in motion by rotating your ankles trying to grasp small objects with your toes.

– Place a bottle (glass) on the floor, cover it with a towel and rotate it with your foot for several minutes.

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