My Homemade Toothpaste To Get Those White And Healthy Teeth

This toothpaste recipe won’t help you just to get beautiful and healthy teeth, but you will also save plenty of money. Ingredients in its composition are very handy, and their price is actually very low.

I start using this remedy since childhood, and I can say to you that my teeth look fabulous. Beside that they are healthy and strong, I haven’t faced with a cavity for many years. So, I truly recommend it!


– 80 g of baking soda
– half a teaspoon of sea salt (optional)
– 10-15 drops of essential peppermint oil
– filtered water (as needed to reach the desired consistency).

Method of preparation:

Mix baking soda, essential mint oil and, sea salt. Then add the filtered water gradually until you get the desired consistency. And that’s all folks, in 5 minutes you’ve prepared the best toothpaste.

Image Credits: Lifeloveandthyme

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