My Grandma’s Socks Remedy To Lower Fever In Babies

Fever is a sign that the body is fighting an infection, but doctors say that it’s not dangerous, unless it exceeds 104 degrees F.

To reduce fever, proper hydration of the child is required, depending on his age. In the case of babies, parents will only concentrate on milk, unsweetened tea and / or water, while children over 1 year can be offered other liquids, such as a little sweetened compote, fruit juice diluted with water or soup.

Cold water compresses on the forehead or neck are the simplest and most used natural remedies to reduce fever in children. They work very well when the fever is not very high.

Socks with water and vinegar
Another cure for lowering fever is putting on your child’s feet a pair of cotton socks soaked in water in vinegar, as it follows:

-put in a pot, equal parts of vinegar and water, and put the pot on low heat until it starts to simmer. The liquid should be warm, not hot. Then soak the socks in the mixture and put them on your child’s feet.

Raw potato compresses
Potatoes can also be of great help. Grate 2 large potatoes, put them on a piece of gauze, without squeezing them, and then sprinkle a little hot vinegar over them and tie the piece of gauze at the neck or chest. Also, you can cut the potato in slices and put them on the soles, and then put into your child’s feet a pair of socks.

Onions to reduce fever
Chop finely 3-4 onions, and then put them in a pair of socks, and put the socks in your child’s feet. Let the socks until morning.

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