How To Use Raw Honey To Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers At Home

My husband suffers from diabetes (type 1) for 20 years and he managed to keep this condition under control for years with a balanced diet. However, the past two years were unbearable for him, because he developed an ulcer on his foot that wouldn’t heal and ended with the big toe amputated.

The surgery developed well, and I tried to care for his diabetic foot so he won’t miss the toe he lost. Unfortunately, he experienced another ulcers to the other toe, but if the ulcers are not infected, protecting it against infection is absolutely key. We do it by keeping it clean and covered, at minimum. I wash my hands with soap and hot water, then use a clean washcloth, soap and hot water to wash the ulcer twice a day. After patting dry with a cloth towel that is clean, I put a gauze pad over it and wrap it with a roll of gauze. I tape the gauze to itself, never to his skin, because diabetic skin can be damaged by tape. If the dressing might slip, I put a clean white sock over it.

Sometimes the doctor considers that sufficient. Sometimes he recommends using an antibiotic ointment or Manuka Honey. That depends on what caused the original injury.

After doctors recommendations, I start applying Manuka Honey on my husband’s diabetic foot ulcer. After 8 weeks of intense honey applications, I can declare this remedy successful, because it closed the wound completely.

How to apply Manuka Honey on diabetic foot

  • rub area with a disposable alcohol wipe
  • using individual cotton swabs, gently rub a thin layer of honey over the sore
  • cotton swabs should only be used once then discarded, no double dipping
  • wrap gauze around the foot, covering the sore
  • use first aid tape over the gauze to hold it in place, but don’t stick it directly on skin
  • keep everything clean, clean, clean!
  • after taking off an old bandage, let the foot air out for about an hour before putting on a new one

If you’re suffering from diabetic foot ulcers discuss any home remedy with your doctor before using it! It is very important to see a doctor and not to rely on any home remedy when suffering from this disease. Raw honey excels at healing many types of slow-to-heal wounds, such as bed sores, but it’s not a treatment for diabetes.

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