How To Keep Garlic Breath Away With An Apple A Day

If you have a romantic date this evening, but you’ve just eaten garlic, don’t panic! You will be kissed at the end of the evening! That pregnant garlic flavor can be easily gone with the help of only one ingredient.

Here’s how to get rid of bad smell of garlic in just a few minutes!

Getting rid of the garlic smell instantly is simpler than you think and doesn’t involve an embarrassing way to the bathroom to gargle. You will need a few slices of apple. The enzymes that cause the oxidation of apples, function as a natural deodorant for cysteine sulphoxide, the sulphurous compound which gives that garlic flavor.

So, chew a few slices of apple to eliminate bad breath, and then enjoy all the benefits of garlic! This ingredient not only adds flavor to the dishes, but also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which stimulate body’s ability to defend against viruses.

Image Credits: Putneydentalcare

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