How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Aspirin

Stretch marks are those unaesthetic signs which appear after a quick weight loss or after pregnancy.

But there is an effective method to get rid of stretch marks based on aspirin. So, wave your hand goodbye to stretch marks and dilute several aspirins in a small quantity of water (you have to obtain a paste). Add in this mixture 1 tablespoon of warm olive oil. Apply the paste directly on the stretch marks by massaging gently and let it for 20-25 minutes. Take a warm shower afterwards. You have to apply this treatment once a day for a week.

It’s very important to administrate vitamins E and C along while you apply the stretch marks treatment, because this combination will hydrate your skin by regaining its elasticity. Also it’s advisable to exercise this period to eliminate collagen, thus contributing to the complete skin regeneration.

Careful! Is better not to expose yourself to sunlight after you’ve apply the mixture on your skin, because the skin might get dry and the stretch marks will become more visible.

Image Credits: Warriorgirl

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