How To Get Rid Of Headaches With Vinegar And Wrapping Paper

Headaches appear in the most unexpected situations, creating a big discomfort and preventing us from working in optimal conditions. Its intensity, duration, and location may vary, depending on its cause, and it can also represent a small alarm of a simple tiredness.

Stress, alcohol and tobacco abuse, drugs, cold and flu, eye fatigue or other visual disturbances, hypertension and intoxication are the most common causes of headaches.

The fact is you can quickly get rid of a headache just by using vinegar and a piece of brown wrapping paper. Moisten the wrapping paper in vinegar and you’re your head or the painful area in it.

Vinegar has astringent and refreshing properties, while the absorbing power of the wrapping paper turns it into an excellent improvised compress.

So, quit pain killers and take in your purse a small bottle of vinegar.

Image Credits: Black-whiteReviwes

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