How to Get Rid of Dry & Cracked Heels In Just 5 Steps

When your heels begin to dry out, it can be really painful for your feet, especially if you also face the problem of cracked skin. This problem also goes by the name of heel fissures. Thus, this means that these fissures are responsible for the foot pain you feel in your heels. It is also a very concerning issue because your skin is open to bacteria and it could cause even more infections. Which is definitely something you don’t want. Because feet are very sensitive, you also need a natural approach to fight this problem. Thus, keep on reading this article and get happy feet healing dry and cracked heels in just 5 steps.

Before starting the treatment, you need these specific ingredients to prepare the most effective natural remedies. Thus, gather your supplies: petroleum jelly to moisturize your feet, some soft cotton socks, vegetable oil, antibacterial soap, a soft towel, pumice stone and lemon juice.

Step 1

As the first step, you should definitely moisturize your feet any chance you get. You could use petroleum jelly to help your feet stay moisturized. To make this step even more effective, cover your feet with soft cotton socks overnight. You will keep the moisture right in its place. Also, this step will be more effective is you remain consistent and do this daily in order to improve.

Step 2

Then, a second important step would be washing your feet daily with an antibacterial soap. This way, you will clean the best you can any bacteria out of your cracked heels; thus, preventing any painful infections. After washing, make sure you dry your feet with a soft, clean, dry towel gently.

Step 3

The third step would be using a pumice stone to scrub the dead skin as gently as possible. This way, you will reduce the areas of dried skin that could potentially crack. Also, you make sure you insist on your cracked heels because the problem is even more serious there. Remember, you should scrub your feet with the pumice stone only when your feet are dry before washing or moisturizing.

Step 4

As the fourth step, you should be soaking your feet in lemon juice to soften the skin. This procedure should be done at least once or twice a week for about 10 minutes but you could also decide to apply it more as necessary.

Step 5

The last step consists more of your alimentation. Thus, make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol. These are the main causes for your dry and cracked heels so cut off the source of the problem.

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