How To Get Rid Of Corns Without Medical Intervention

Corns are brownish-yellow skin corneal formations that appear in the pressure points of the sole being very painful. Most of the time they appear on the external side of toes, but they also can appear on the soles. Fortunately, you can get rid of corns with some simple and effective natural remedies.

An excellent cure for corns is garlic. Apply, every evening, grated garlic directly on the affected areas, and wrap it with a bandage. Leave the garlic to act until the next morning. You should repeat this treatment every evening for two weeks.

Castor oil helps a lot to get rid of heel corns. In the evening, before bedtime, rub the affected area with castor oil then apply melted propolis, wrap it well in a bandage and let it act until the next day. In the morning, dip your feet in hot water (as much as you can resist), and remove carefully with a pumice stone the dead skin from the surface.

Apply an onion ring directly on the corn’s thickened area, because it will soften it and the corn will fall. Then take a warm feet bath and lubricate the area with a homemade marigold cream for a fast healing.

Also, if you apply a slice of tomato directly on the corn and wrap it with a bandage, you’ll be able to extract the corn more easily. Keep the bandage overnight.

Another remedy for the corn to heal by itself is to take warm feet baths then to apply several layers of beeswax for 3 days. You have to wash the area every time with warm water.

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