How To Detox Your Blood With Only 2 Ingredients

Daily messy lifestyle, chaotic and unhealthy diet and physical inactivity cause us dealing with all sorts of health problems.

Blood toxins and “padded” with fat arteries are a few effects of this kind of lifestyle. There is a solution to get rid of blood toxins and to lower high cholesterol levels.

Here’s a great recipe that solves this problem, made with only two ingredients we all have in the kitchen.


– 3 figs
– 60 ml of vinegar

How to prepare:

This medicine is prepared in the evening and needs to be consumed in the morning. Figs are removed from the package and stung with a toothpick. Pour 60 ml of vinegar in a jar or in a glass bottle then add the three figs.

Macerate the figs at 20.00 PM and consume then at 8.00 AM in the morning. So, the process should last 12 hours.

You must eat only the figs. The remaining vinegar can be reused for another portion of this remedy meant to cleanse the arteries and to lower cholesterol levels. The remaining vinegar should be used for 7 days.
On the 8th day the vinegar shall be replaced with another 60 milliliters of vinegar, and treatment is followed for another week.

This is a 14 day treatment.

In parallel with the vinegar and figs remedy you need to follow a healthy diet: eat foods low in cholesterol and do more exercise.

Image Credits: Afrodites Kitchen

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