Homemade Chest Rub For Respiratory Tract Infections

Every winter I’m a cough away from severe chest congestion. I’m saying severe, because untreated chest congestion may lead to serious infections in the respiratory tract like bronchitis.

Only if you experienced chest congestion you’ll know the struggle: chest or throat pain and phlegm build-up which we’ll make your chest feel really heavy. Chest congestion is the main symptom of influenza. Even if chest congestion usually clears within 3-5 days, it’s better to see a doctor if the condition lasts more than a week to avoid complications.

Hence, during this period, you can use chest decongestants such as Vicks Vaporub to clear up your chest and get rid of most influenza symptoms. But what do you do if you’re out of Vicks? Do It Yourself! At least this is what I did when my husband got sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, I tried to ease his chest and throat pain with a homemade decongestant that excludes turpentine and petroleum.


  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 3/4 cup of grated beeswax
  • 35 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 30 drops of mint essential oil
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of rosemary essential oil


  • Melt the oils and wax over a double boiler. Be sure to stir it constantly and do not overheat. It should just melt, not cook.
  • Stir in essential oils. Pour into metal tins and let set. Re-melt to add more essential oils if you want it a bit stronger.

How To Use:

Rub balm on your chest to help soothe congestion and cough. Rub under your nose for a stuffy nose and sore skin from scratchy tissues. Rub it on your feet (or have someone else do it)—the foot massage and tingling from the essential oils will feel good and distract you from your cold while the strong scent helps to ease congestion.

The next day my husband was feeling much better, but the pain and cough were gone within 4-5 days. So, don’t hesitate and prepare your own Vicks Vaporub to get rid of influenza symptoms.

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