Homemade Beetroot Borsch For Liver Disease

For all the liver and gallbladder problems, phytotherapy recommend a drink that has the property to clean and strengthen internal organs. It’s the beetroot borsch we are talking about. To prepare this drink you need 1 kg of beetroot, parsley, dill, lovage, 1 garlic, a teaspoon of yeast.

Put all ingredients in a jar, pour in water and let it soak. When liquid is soured, filter and refill the jar with water. The second borsch is soft, but still good. Drink 2 glasses a day from the first borsch and 4 glasses a day from the second one.

This borsch, combined in parallel with marigold tea (twice daily) and thistle seeds is very useful to hepatitis patients. You can drink this borsch all year round because is very good for liver and gallbladder disease prevention and for the general body cleansing. It is also invigorating – beetroot is being known for its blood regenerative effect.

Image Credits: Juvot

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