Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Blackheads With This Active Charcoal Mask

The active charcoal, also known as medicinal charcoal, is an ancient remedy used by the Greeks and Egyptians. Active charcoal is great for several health problems, but also it’s been used successfully in beauty treatments. It’s the perfect remedy to get rid of blackheads and acne, leaving you with a beautiful and smooth skin.

So, you can prepare a charcoal facial mask at home to remove those stubborn blackheads.

You need:
– 1 active charcoal tablet
– 15 grams of wheat flour
– 125 ml of water

Mix the above ingredients until you form a homogenous paste then apply it on the face in the T-zone. Wait until the mask is hardened and try to remove it slowly, and you’ll notice a clean skin without those unsightly blackheads.
This mask act just like a blackheads strips!

Image Credits: Yesstyle

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