Get Rid Of Belly Fat With This Awkward And Effective Method

To get rid of belly fat without starvation or any other unhealthy diet it’s enough to use the following method.

Researchers found an effective way to get rid of this unaesthetic problem with ice. You just need to apply ice bags on the abdomen and to resist with the low temperature for at least half an hour. If it melts, you have to replace it. This process must be repeated daily for two weeks. This way, skin temperature will decrease, and this effect favors the transformation of white fat into brown fat, which is easier to metabolize by the body.

This procedure presents the risk of frostbite, and to prevent it you have to remove from time to time the ice bags.
In case you didn’t know, frostbites symptoms are announced by redness and mild pain in the area, tingling and local numbness. If these signs start to appear, remove the ice and cover the belly with a blanket. Don’t apply warm water or any other warm objects.

After two weeks of healthy dieting and exercising combined with this method you’ll get rid of belly fat.

Image Credits: Telegraph and Davidwolfe

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