Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne During Summer

Summer is the season when acne starts to appear all over your body, because heat and sweating are the main triggering factors. If this problem prevents you from enjoying summer or wearing your favorite outfits being embarrassed by how your skin looks, then you should take into account the following indications:

Neck acne
If you have inflamed pores on your neck, especially on each side, then you should stop using your hair care products, because they are responsible for this. Fat cosmetics, based on oil or silicone, can cause acne in the neck area. To discover the responsible product, try to eliminate, gradually, each hair care product. Also, catch your hair into a ponytail when you sleep or when you’re exercising.

Back acne
Body acne is usually appears on the back. The back area is harder to reach being even harder to clean it from sebum and dead cells when you bath. The trick is using a bath sponge with an abrasive side to rub well the back while showering.

This way you’ll remove dead cells and sebum excess. Choose an antibacterial shower gel that contains salicylic acid, a substance that cleans pores in depth. Also change more often the bed sheets during summer.

Chest acne
It often appears because of excessive sweating and because of the bra. It’s important to shower often in the hot summer days, and if you can’t do that use antibacterial napkins to wipe the neck and chest area. Wash often your bras to get rid of bacteria causing acne.

Arm acne
If acne starts to appear in the upper arm area use a body lotion which contains lactic acid. This substance will exfoliate the skin, removing the dead cells. You can also try a natural treatment, such as applying yogurt on the affected areas.

Acne on your buttocks
Wear underwear made from natural fabrics, like cotton. Other synthetic fabrics won’t let your skin to breathe, so this way acne appears. Avoid tights during summer because can cause irritation and acne.

Image Credits: Underarm-whitening and Howhunter

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