Calamus Root Tea Works Wonders In Fighting Colon Diseases, Stomach Aches, Gastritis, Ulcer and Intestinal Infections

The best herb that has the ability to fight gastritis, ulcers, colon and stomach cancer, intestinal infections is Calamus.
Calamus tea (only the roots are used) is prepared cold – let it sit in the evening in cold water for maceration – for 200 g of water use 1 tablespoon of chopped Calamus roots. Strain the mixture in the morning and warm it a little.

– You must drink this 200 g cup of tea gradually throughout the day – 6 sips – one at every 3h.

– Don’t exceed the 200 g daily dose.

– It quickly helps, soothing stomach pain.

– Colon will heal in about 4-8 wk.

– You can find Calamus root in every herbal store.

Image Credits: Tranceplants

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