Burdock Root Melts Cholesterol, Relieves Rheumatism And Lowers Glycemia

Due to some acids with detoxifying properties, burdock root stimulates hepatobiliary function and protects the body from the effects of harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Herbalists say that due to the potassium salts, B vitamins, essential oils and tannins, burdock is one of the most effective remedies to detoxify the body.
Research has shown that burdock root has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, herbalists recommend the burdock root tea therapy especially to diabetics.

Regarding the hypoglycemic action, this is due to the high inulin content, deprives the patient of sweetness, which is not absorbed in the body. Burdock tea reduces the glucose absorption in the body.

Burdock root reduces intestinal absorption of cholesterol and lipids. The burdock root tea is prepared from two teaspoons of crushed herb to a cup of water. Drink two cups a day.

Due to its diuretic-depurative and detoxifying properties, burdock root also helps treating various skin conditions: acne, seborrheic dermatitis, furunculosis. It is used externally in concentrated decoction form, prepared from two tablespoons of crushed burdock root to a cup of water for local applications, combined with internal treatment.
Being a strong revulsive, burdock root decoction is used for rheumatic and joint pain.

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