Awkward Tricks To Release Pressure Headaches Quickly

When pressure headaches strike you feel like millions of hammers are hitting right in the third eye. The pain and pressure is unbearable and the first instinct is to take a painkiller. But why not reconsider for a second? Pressure headaches are common, especially in the winter time and taking a pill every time your head is hurting is very tempting, even if painkillers we’ll do more harm than good. At some point, your stomach will beg for mercy!

But how can you get rid of pressure headaches without painkillers?
There are millions of natural headache cures all over the internet, but let’s be honest, when you’re in pain, you’re craving for something that will take the pain right away not a special ointment that takes hours until it’s done.

Then what? If painkillers are no good and natural remedies take time, how do I release head pressure?

Many will say that controlling your pain is the best deal, and it actually is! However, I won’t try to convince you about this meditation technique I’ve learned in India, because it takes more time than preparing an ointment and lots of meditation sessions that you’re probably not ready to hear and learn.
As I said, you will need something to take the pain immediately and release head pressure. For instance, you can try the acupressure Chinese technique which has proven to be extremely effective and it will take the pain in seconds.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Stimulate the Third Eye Point

Press this point with firm, but gentle pressure for one minute. You can try simple pressure or apply a circular motion. See which works best for you.

Bright Lights Points

Use the tops of both your index fingers and apply pressure to both points at the same time for one minute.
You can stimulate each side separately if you want. Just make sure to do it for one minute on each side.

Gates of Consciousness Points

Use your thumbs to massage the point with a deep and firm pressure. Press it for four to five seconds. If you know where the hollows are, you can try massaging them with your index or middle finger, or use your knuckles.
Relax and breathe deeply as you massage.
You can massage and press this point for up to three minutes.

The Temple Points

Apply pressure to each point on both sides of the head. You can apply simple pressure or circular pressure for one minute. Stimulate each point right after the previous one for best results.

Or, you can try the Chip Clip Method which saved millions of people from headaches and migraines:

“This chip clip saved my life tonight. I had a migraine start almost twelve hours ago and about an hour ago it was at an unbearable limit. I had exhausted all of my drugs and tricks I usually use to ease my migraines to no avail.
I googled fast relief for migraines, and it pulled up something called Aculief. I glanced at the counter and saw this chip clip and decided it would do about the same thing! Within one minute I had some relief, and within twenty my pain was reduced by half!”

Of course, this remedies will release head tension and pressure within 20 seconds. However, if the pain is dull and sharp at the same time, you will need a decongestant. Most pressure headaches occur due to sinusitis and Vicks Vaporub is the best way in getting rid of such pain. But rubbing it at your temples will often won’t work. Instead, try Vicks Steam Inhalation:

  • Heat up a bowl of water and about a tablespoon full of Vicks VapoRub
  • Stir it in and it will begin to dissolve in the hot water
  • Put a towel over your head
  • Put your head above the water so the steam is warming your face
  • Completely cover your head and the bowl so the steam can be breathed in
  • Breathe in thru your nose (at first it will be harder because it’s stuffy but it will loosen up)
  • Do this for several minutes until you feel some sinus relief
  • Use Puffs tissues to blow your nose
  • Feel the relief!

Hope this was useful in getting rid of that nasty pressure headache!

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