6 Plants That Detoxify Your Blood

You feel tired, bloated, and your skin is dry and dull? All these are signs that your blood is full of toxins and residues, and your body not only lacks the vitamins, but the cells are saturated with substances that should be eliminated. See what herbs can be helpful in this situation!

1. Burdock root

It’s an excellent herb for detoxifying the blood and the lymphatic system. Burdock root has detoxifying effects for your blood, improves circulation, prevents water retention and swelling.

As we eliminate toxins through the skin/urine, we reduce the uric acid amount in the body. Maybe you didn’t know, but Burdock root has other benefits – is an effective therapy for arthritis, sciatica, gout, skin irritation, acne, heartburn, kidney or bladder stones, liver and hepatitis, cystitis, herpes, fever, diabetes … You can drink up to two cups a day. Just add one teaspoon of burdock root tincture in a cup of boiling water. You’ll see how good you’ll feel.

2. Elderberry

Have you heard of this plant? It has excellent laxative, detoxifying and antiseptic properties. It reduces swelling, it’s a natural astringent and an antibacterial agent, detoxifies the blood and is good for the kidneys and liver. You can find it in herbal stores, both in liquid and tablets form. Ideally you should drink one cup of elderberry tea after each meal. The benefits are numerous.

3. Nettle

Surely you’ve heard of the excellent properties of nettles. Nettle quickly removes toxic substances from the body and blood. It is a diuretic plant, beneficial to the liver and kidneys. One nettle tea cup per day is undoubtedly one of the most inspired choices.

4. Dandelion

Recommended to be consumed at noon, dandelion tea helps eliminate toxins and improves circulation. Add a few leaves in a cup of boiling water, leave them to infuse for 5 minutes, and drink with confidence.

5. Hyssop leaves

Have you ever heard about the phenomenal properties of hyssop for blood detoxification and for harmful fats elimination in the body? This plant is found in herbal stores where you’ll surely be told about its amazing ability to stimulate weight loss and to improve blood quality. You can drink two cups of tea per day, adding a teaspoon of hyssop leaves to a cup of hot water.

6. Aloe

Everyone loves aloe plant because is helpful in treating many diseases. It strengthens the immune system, it has detoxifying effects and antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It also heals the liver and kidneys, it cleanses the blood and revitalizes the whole body. You can drink aloe tea on every afternoon. All you need is a tablespoon of the transparent gel that is found in the plant stem. Add the gel in a cup of boiling water. After mixing, take the pot off the heat and leave the tea to stand for 5 minutes. For a better taste, add a few drops of lemon juice – is awesome!

Image Credits: Netra-Agro

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