The Best 6 Herbs For Colon Cleansing

Do you regularly clean your colon? It is said that a clean colon is essential to maintain a balanced and healthy life because it detoxifies your body and this gives you a good feeling. In this article you will learn how to clean your colon using medicinal plants.

1. Anise for health

Here’s an easy to prepare remedy to reduce inflammation, which regulate digestive functions and protects the colon and intestines. We recommend a cup of anise tea anise the main meal. In this way, you help digestion and absorption of nutrients. It protects colon health and reduces inflammation. Just put a spoonful of anise in a cup of hot water. Let it boil a little and then infuse. You’ll love it!

2. Mint for digestion

We all like mint. It is a plant with many benefits, most of them for our digestive system. It has a relaxing effect and improves nutrient absorption, ensuring the intestines good functioning. To have all this, you can daily drink one cup of tea made from a teaspoon of peppermint oil. You find it in the herbal stores. It has an important role in treating any kind of colon problems.

3. Chamomile for health

How good we feel after drinking chamomile tea! It eases inflammation, heals and revitalizes. We recommend drinking a cup a day to detoxify the bowels and the colon without much effort. It is best to drink it in the morning.

4. Fennel seed tea

Do you ever heard of the flavored fennel tea? It’s one of the most healthy and easy to digest teas. It has a mild licorice flavor, very pleasant, that will make you feel better. It has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and protective effect for your digestive system. It’s a perfect remedy when you eat too much or when you feel tired. You’ll feel better if you drink fennel tea after each meal.

5. Thyme tea

Thyme is an herb from the Mediterranean that has an important role in cleaning the bowel. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role, it helps digestion and eases muscle spasms and discomfort. Its role is to clean debris inside the intestines. Boil a cup of water and a tablespoon of thyme. Allow to infuse for 10 minutes and drink it.

6. Dandelion

Dandelion is a cure for many diseases: digestion, relaxation and has anti-inflammatory role. We recommend always having on hand some dandelion flowers to prepare a tea after a meal, even after breakfast. It plays the body balance and you’ll feel much better. And it is easy to prepare. See for yourself!

Image Credits: Natural Life Energy

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