5 Simple Tricks To Have Thicker Eyelashes

Did you know that you can have beautiful eyelashes without giving a lot of money on all kinds of cosmetics? This article shows you some simple tricks to have those thicker eyelashes you always wanted.

1. Brush your eyelashes every night!

This trick is simple and very effective. Your eyelashes are just like your hair: if you brush them, you will stimulate them and they will grow. In addition, by brushing your eyelashes, you’ll remove dead cells and you’ll stimulate blood circulation in that area. Adopt this habit and results will appear quickly!

2. Try castor oil!

Infallible, efficient and economical, it’s a good option to have a little castor oil at home. Regarding your eyelashes, few oils are as useful as this one.

To take advantage of the castor oil benefits, soak cotton a swab in castor oil and immediately after you’ve brushed them, massage your eyelashes with it. Little by little, you’ll have thicker eyelashes.

3. Take advantage of the talcum powder properties!

Many professional make-up artists use this simple trick. Here’s what to do:

Apply a little mascara on the tips of your lashes and make sure they are spaced from each other.

Sprinkle talcum powder on your eyelashes, and they will thicken. If you want, you can apply this powder with another mascara brush.

Once your eyelashes are completely covered with talcum powder (make sure the powder doesn’t get into your eyes), apply mascara once again. Apply mascara from roots to tips, surpassing them, and your eyelashes will look thicker and longer.

4. Don’t use only black mascara!

If you want to have thicker eyelashes, you don’t need to use only black mascara. Here are the available alternatives:

Transparent glitter mascara: Your genes will appear glossier and will have more volume, and your look will be spectacular. In addition, this trick help you hide those annoying dark circles that always give you trouble.

Black mascara mixed with brown mascara: This is another trick used by professional makeup artists. From roots to mid apply brown mascara and then apply black mascara on the eyelashes tips. Your eyelashes will look longer and thicker.

5. Avoid eyelash hair stylers and waterproof mascara

Although we all know that eyelash hair stylers can give us a special look, but we must not abuse using them. If you really need curled eyelashes, use Vaseline or castor oil first before you curl them.

The same advice we give you in terms of waterproof mascara. Thanks to its composition, this mascara last longer and you can even take a swim without worry. However, the disadvantage is that waterproof mascara can’t be removed easily and if you fail cleaning it, the remaining traces will affect your genes.

Image Credits: Lux-Factor

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