4 Effective Wall Stretches To Soothe Tight Hips

We sit a lot on our chairs on a daily basis! Thus, tight hips are becoming quite a common problem. You might be sitting at your desk in front of a computer or in your car being caught up in traffic. Furthermore, how many of us are spending a lot of time sitting at home in front of the TV? That’s right, mostly all of us! These habits are taking a toll on our hips, causing too much pain; our hips begin to tighten and become weak. But don’t worry, you can easily do some stretches at home that will soothe this pain. Keep reading and see 4 effective wall stretches to soothe tight hips.

Tightness in the hips doesn’t just stop there, it can lead to a whole slew of problems. Tight hips can lead to a variety of conditions such as lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, digestive system issues, circulatory issues, poor posture, and so on. So, if your hips are feeling tight, it’s time to stretch them out. All you need is 20 minutes.

1. Stretch your outer hips

This stretch relieves tension in the outer part of our hips. To begin, stand slightly more than an arm’s distance from a wall with your right side facing it. Lean your right hand on the wall, with your right arm straight. Place your left hand on your hip. Keeping your legs straight and your hips square, move your right hip toward the wall until you feel a stretch in your right outer hip. Then, squeeze your glutes and engage your abs trying to hold for 30 seconds, then repeat, turning your left side toward the wall.

2. Low lunge and quad stretch

This stretch will relieve tightness in the hip, stretching the quadriceps. Thus, begin in a lunge position with your back knee down, facing away from the wall. Position yourself so that your back toes are against the wall.
Frame your front foot with your hands and bend your back knee to pick the foot up off the ground. Place the top of your back foot against the wall and then use your hands to scoot your back knee closer to the wall so that you are feeling a stretch through the quadriceps. Engage your abs to deepen the stretch and hold for 30 seconds. Then, switch sides.

3. Wall angle stretches

This stretch relieves tension in the gluteal muscles and the lateral rotators, stretching out your hips. Start by sitting facing the wall. Lie down and bend your knees, adjusting your body so that your toes touch the wall. Then, lift your feet up and place your left foot on the wall, creating a 90° angle with your left knee. Then, cross your right ankle over the lower part of the left thigh. Flex both feet. After this, place your right hand on your right thigh and gently press it open. If you’d like a deeper stretch, scoot your hips a little closer to the wall. If you’d like less of a stretch, scoot your hips away from the wall. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

4. Wall hamstrings stretch

This wall stretch opens up the glutes and the hamstrings. Thus, begin sitting in front of the wall with your knees bent. Then, lie down on your back and straighten your legs up the wall. The closer your hips are to the wall, the deeper the stretch. You will definitely feel your glutes and hamstrings release. try to hold for 60 seconds and feel the relief.

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