15 Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Beer You Didn’t Know About

Moderate beer consumption helps prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis and reduce the risk of cataracts. Beer can also be used for beauty purposes.

Beer protects cardiovascular health

Moderate beer consumption can have anti-inflammatory effect, increases good cholesterol amounts and fights heart disease. A glass of beer per day can help your heart work properly.

Beer strengthens your bones

Many studies have shown that beer (and other drinks with low alcohol) can have positive effects on bone health. This is possible thanks to silicon, a mineral that helps increase bone density and prevents bone degradation. Moreover, beer contains naturally phytoestrogens, which prevent osteoporosis and ease menopausal symptoms.

Beer protects against neurodegenerative diseases

Scientific studies showed that those who consume beer in moderation are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This benefit is due to silicon that can help remove toxic metals from the body, which can cause degenerative pathologies. Meanwhile, the beer improves memory and increases concentration.

Beer can inhibit cancer

Xanthohumol is a polyphenol that is found in hop. It is an antioxidant that prevents and inhibits cancer cells growth (as a form of chemoprevention for certain types of cancer).

Beer strengthens the immune system

Beer has properties that help to strengthen the immune system, which will keep away infectious diseases like flu or herpes. At least in some cases, beer reduces the severity of symptoms or the duration of the disease. In Germany there is a homemade remedy for colds which consists in a glass of warm beer. This remedy unclogs the nose and improves blood circulation.

Beer has anti-inflammatory properties

The difference between beer and other alcoholic beverages is that it is made from hop. Hop is the ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which protects the body from diseases specific to old age.

Beer relieves stomach problems

If you have stomach problems, than beer can be a great natural remedy. Moderate drinking (cider or wine) increases stomach acid level, which speeds up digestion, reducing the risk of Helicobacter Pylori bacterium responsible for gastrointestinal cancer.

Beer prevents constipation

It has been shown that dietary fiber combat constipation and lowers bad cholesterol levels. By drinking barley beer you can get your daily dose of soluble fiber, which ranks this beer in second place, after water, in the nutritional drinks top.

Beer is a powerful diuretic

Just after you start drinking beer you feel the need to go to the toilet. That’s because beer contains 90% water, a small amount of sodium (reduces water retention and prevents kidney problems) and a large amount of potassium.

Beer reduces the risk of cataracts

Beer has beneficial effects for eyesight, but more than anything, beer helps those who have cataract problems. Daily consumption of a glass of wine is beneficial in the case of diabetes, for example, because it helps prevent glaucoma. In this case, the black beer consumption is indicated.

Beer prevents anemia

Beer is good for women who are in menopause, period during which nutrient deficits occur. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that stimulate cell production and increase iron levels.

Beer gives you more energy

Due to the large amount of vitamin B in beer, you’ll feel more energetic in your daily activities. The nutrients strengthen the nervous system and help cell regeneration.

Beer is good for the skin

In New York, for example, beer therapy is a well known procedure (Beer Spa). In these places you can enjoy all the benefits of beer, customers being able to soak in a bath filled with dark beer. In other places such as Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic you can relax using beer masks. Such techniques have very good results thanks to vitamins in beer, which restore skin health and help it have a younger and smoother look, restoring its elasticity.

Beer is good for hair

Catherine Zeta Jones talks about the wonderful benefits of beer over hair health. She that this natural treatment makes hair shiny and soft, although there is an unpleasant problem: the persistent smell (which can be dimmed with perfume). This is possible due to vitamin B and protein in beer.

Beer relaxes your feet

When you get home, exhausted after a day’s work, nothing is more enjoyable than immersing your feet in water and sea salt. Use beer instead of water, its effervescence will create a very relaxing effect. But there are two drawbacks: your feet will be sticky and you can’t drink the beer afterwards.

Image Credits: Healthy Gyan

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