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Seventeen’s Century Natural Remedy For Sinus Infection That Still Works Today

Dealing with runny nose, tension headache with a tint of fever? Well, these are the main symptoms of sinusitis. Sinusitis is often triggered when the cold season strikes, causing inflammation of the delicate membranes that surround the nose, eyes and cheeks. Moreover, these membranes are responsible for producing mucus which will moisten the air you breathe and filter out germs ...

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Awkward Tricks To Release Pressure Headaches Quickly

When pressure headaches strike you feel like millions of hammers are hitting right in the third eye. The pain and pressure is unbearable and the first instinct is to take a painkiller. But why not reconsider for a second? Pressure headaches are common, especially in the winter time and taking a pill every time your head is hurting is very ...

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