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Folk Remedy To Soothe Cough And Sore Throat Quickly

Dealing with a sore throat can be really annoying and painful, but don’t let a sore throat ruin your day! Most sore throats, also known as pharyngitis, are caused by minor illness like a cold or flu and will go away with time, but you can speed up their healing and ease the pain. Even if it’s tempting to run ...

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Natural Syrup Substitute To Treat Severe Cough In Children

Every parent becomes anxious seeing his child struggling with a flu or cold. What’s more to say except sleepless nights, stress and worrisome condition when your kid lies in bed with a yellow face, runny nose, fever and severe cough! More precisely, this was my condition two weeks ago, when my little daughter came from kindergarten with a horrible flu. ...

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DIY Herbal Throat Spray To Get Rid Of Cough And Sore Throat

One of the most annoying flu or common cold symptoms is sore throat. It hurts pretty badly even when you swallow your own saliva, not to mention about taking a sip of ginger and lemon tea to alleviate the pain. My kid woke up the other days with a runny nose, complaining about his throat and coughing like a donkey. ...

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Cough Relief: How To Get Rid Of Mucus In The Chest

“Inflammation and a buildup of mucus in the chest can cause unpleasant symptoms like wheezing, sleep difficulties, and a sore throat. Congestion is also often accompanied by a cough that brings up phlegm.” This is what most doctors say, and everyone that suffered of common cold, experienced these symptoms at some point. I had a terrible flu two weeks ago ...

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Simple And Effective Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Bad Cough

Cough and common cold are health problems that many people face with. To get rid of them, you could try this simple and effective remedy. You need: – honey – flour – olive oil – gauze How to prepare: You need small quantities of flour and honey and mix them until you get a homogenous mixture then add a few ...

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