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Homemade Chest Rub For Respiratory Tract Infections

Every winter I’m a cough away from severe chest congestion. I’m saying severe, because untreated chest congestion may lead to serious infections in the respiratory tract like bronchitis. Only if you experienced chest congestion you’ll know the struggle: chest or throat pain and phlegm build-up which we’ll make your chest feel really heavy. Chest congestion is the main symptom of ...

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How To Make An Onion Poultice To Get Rid Of Chest Congestion

Bacterial infections of any kind are always a serious matter and antibiotics helped a lot of people since 1920. Back then, a simple ear or chest congestion could resort to mastoidectomies and in some cases, even death of the sick individual. Nowadays, we have antibiotics to cure most infections in the body. However, even if antibiotics are widely spread and ...

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