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DIY Smelly Feet Remedy For A Perfect ‘Sandals Ready’ Summer

During winter, our feet went through a lot due to cold conditions. Thus, an adverse effect might be stinky feet. This problem could get really serious for when the summer will come! If you know you have an uncontrollable problem with this issue and you are prone to smelly feet, then you should keep reading this article. You will find ...

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The Best 3-Ingredients Body Scrub For Radiant & Smooth Skin

It is very important to exfoliate your entire body, not only your face if you know you have dry skin. Using a body scrub regularly can seriously improve your skin, making it look radiant and feel very smooth. Also, it is very easy to prepare this body scrub by yourself at home; this way you know exactly what ingredients you ...

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All Natural Drink That Clears Your Lungs Of Mucus And Nicotine

Numerous studies show the benefits of cereals on the human body and they are being considered, due to their nutrients, the most valuable foods on the planet. Oats are among the best cereals and the drink we present today will help detoxify your lungs. Oats contains important nutrients for the body, such as lecithin, A and B vitamins, proteins, amino ...

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Homemade Soap For Intimate Hygiene

Common commercial soaps can cause intimate area irritation – this area requires close and delicate care, with special products. In this article we present a simple recipe to prepare a homemade soap for intimate hygiene using natural ingredients which prevent infections, itching and irritation, while keeping the area clean and healthy. All ingredients are pretty easy to find at the ...

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4 DIY Recipes For Hair Regeneration

It’s possible to give your hair its youthful and healthy appearance? Of course! As you know, the passage of time affects hair regeneration. It gradually loses its shine, becomes brittle and lacking volume. The using of chemicals also affects its health. The enemies of hair’s health: hair dyes, foams, hair dryer or the curling iron. In this article we provide ...

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