How To Get Rid Of Stomach Bacteria Naturally

Many people suffer from ulcers caused by bacteria that shelter in the stomach. Olive oil in combination with figs is the best natural remedy against stomach bacteria.

You need 10 dried figs, 200 ml of olive oil. Cut the figs into 4 pieces and pour oil over them. Mix a little and then put the entire mixture into a jar. Let it sit for 7 days.
After 7 days, it’s recommended to eat a tablespoon of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. You’ll need to synchronize your diet with this treatment in order to make it more efficient. Eat as little as you can and avoid spicy food. Don’t eat sour meals and avoid fatty meats.

Treatment is indefinitely until you’ll notice that the bacteria had disappeared. Usually the treatment takes effect after a month.

This preparation will help you get rid of: helicobacter pylori (main cause of all stomach diseases), acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, stomach cancer, gastroesophageal reflux.

Image Credits: Wisegeek Health

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