Homemade Mint And Lemon Drink That Burns Belly Fat

Belly fat can be for many of us, a veritable obsession during the summer. Therefore, it’s recommended to drink plenty of fluids, especially to introduce in the diet drinks containing ingredients that burn fat.

Mint has curative effects and improves bile activity in digesting fats. The lemon adds special flavor to keep you away from sweeteners, ferocious “enemies” of a flat abdomen.

You need:

Two and a half cups of lemon juice and 15 mint leaves.

Preparation method is quite unique: Pour the lemon juice into ice cube trays and put one mint leaf in each mold. After freezing, add 3 ice cubes in a glass of water three times a day (minimum).
Drink this elixir especially in the morning, to accelerate your metabolism and to benefit from the additional detoxification effect.

Image Credits: Super Healthy Kids

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