Calamus Root Tea Works Wonders In Fighting Colon Diseases, Stomach Aches, Gastritis, Ulcer and Intestinal Infections

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The best herb that has the ability to fight gastritis, ulcers, colon and stomach cancer, intestinal infections is Calamus.
Calamus tea (only the roots are used) is prepared cold – let it sit in the evening in cold water for maceration – for 200 g of water use 1 tablespoon of chopped Calamus roots. Strain the mixture in the morning and warm it a little.

– You must drink this 200 g cup of tea gradually throughout the day – 6 sips – one at every 3h.

– Don’t exceed the 200 g daily dose.

– It quickly helps, soothing stomach pain.

– Colon will heal in about 4-8 wk.

– You can find Calamus root in every herbal store.

Image Credits: Tranceplants

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