Abdominal Adiposity: Risks And Disposal Methods

Abdominal fat is not only an aesthetic problem – can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems and even certain cancers.

Abdominal adiposity: risks

According to nutritionists, women face a greater abdominal fat accumulation after the age of 40. During this period, the body begins to suffer small changes, such as a slower metabolism, and will burn less fat.

Moreover, the body produces lower amounts of estrogen and, in time, all these gradual changes lead undoubtedly to weight gain. But the most dangerous “fats” are those accumulated in the abdomen. Besides the visible fat under the skin, don’t forget that there is also a kind of “visceral fat” that forms around the internal organs.

And this is a risk to your health. Are you ready to find out which are the long term dangers?

– Heart disease
– Hypertension
– Type 2 diabetes

In addition, the fat accumulated below the diaphragm or chest area causes breathing difficulty, causing chronic or classical cough. Lungs are exhausted and unable to breathe normally and this lead to other problem: sleep apnea.

Abdominal fat can lead to increased risk of suffering from certain diseases such as breast cancer or cervical cancer. Furthermore, it can influence the menstrual cycle. It is, therefore, a rather serious problem.

How to remove abdominal fat?

Give up salt and don’t use it for cooking.

Drink two liters of water a day.

Eat whole grains such as oats or buckwheat. Give up the white flour and replace it with whole wheat bread. Do not forget that barley is very healthy too!

Reduce sugar consumption, give up pastries and buy frozen food. Try to spend more time in the kitchen and prepare various dishes, fresh salads, steamed vegetables and salmon.

Replace red meat with the chicken or turkey.

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach.

After lunch or after dinner, drink a cup of sage tea. It is an excellent way to improve digestion and reduces abdominal fat. Drink this tea for 15 consecutive days every month, twice a day.

Make half-hour briskly walks every day. No need to get exhausted just be consistent. And don’t forget: you have to do this every day!

Give up drinking cow’s milk. The best dairy product is the unsweetened Greek yogurt. It improves digestion and contains healthy bacteria that protect the intestines.

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