8 Daily Habits You Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t

If you adopt healthy habits in daily life, you will certainly maintain your health with no cost. A healthy lifestyle is everyone’s choice, and to achieve this we need to know which habits are good or not. But of course there are many myths and partially true things that make us believe we have healthy habits that maintain wellbeing, but in reality, they’re doing more harm. Here is a list of 8 habits that we consider good but they aren’t.

We eat fat-free products to avoid getting fat
We find in our stores a lot of non-fatty foods usually recommended for people with high cholesterol or for obese persons. Thus, some people think that if they eat products with 0% fat, they will lose weight, but it isn’t quite so. Fat-free products contain flour, refined sugar and many preservatives that help gain weight.

We drink water all day long
It’s true that water is good for the body and plays an important role for its proper functioning. However, excessive water consumption throughout the day can interfere with the normal functioning of the kidneys and changes blood’s properties. Experts recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, but not more than 2 liters.

We take our vitamin D intake through sun exposure habits
One way to get our vitamin D intake is through sunlight exposure. But for the body to process this vitamin, we should expose to sunlight without using sunscreen, and this habit can harm the skin very badly. Excess sun exposure can cause skin burns, dryness, and may be one of the risk factors for developing skin cancer.

We do only crunches to get rid of belly fat
Ab exercises really helps in burning fat and shaping a flat stomach. But some people think that just by doing these exercises will have good results. In fact, they don’t take into account that a healthy diet is very important to get rid of belly fat, along with other types of exercise.

We take vitamin supplements
When it comes to vitamins and minerals, most people think taking more supplements is better for the body and that these habits are very healthy. But if you take too many such supplements they can have adverse effect for your health. They shouldn’t be taken without medical supervision. However, it’s much better to try to take these vitamins and minerals via a healthy diet.

We whiten our teeth
Usually, by teeth whitening procedures we want to restore their healthy appearance. But people who abuse these habits can have side effects such as cracking and damage teeth enamel, and in severe cases even they may alter their taste and flavors.

We swab our ears
Most people think that ear wax should be cleaned daily, but this is not indicated. Ear wax is a secretion with antiseptic action that protects the ear canal from germs and other contaminants. When you remove ear wax you expose your inner ear to infections – and the worse thing, people get bad habits by using these sticks and they actually push the wax inside, causing a blockage. As a result, you can have hearing problems or you can lose it due to blocking the ear canal.

During pregnancy, we eat twice as much
Some women have the misconception that they have to eat twice as much in order to feed the child. This is totally wrong and can lead to extra weight gain during pregnancy. It can also be a risk factor for diseases such as diabetes and birth complications. The doctor will surely advise you to keep a healthy, balanced diet and will recommend you to increase your folic acid intake (only if necessary).

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