5 Methods To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

No matter how strict your diet is, the effects will be short-term unless you exercise. German experts from “Bild” newspaper recommend, along with the easiest diet in the world, a few exercises that will help you get rid of belly fat, buttocks and thighs.

Pinch your belly fat!

Massage in the belly area stimulates blood circulation and nourishes the tissues. Here’s how to quickly get rid of belly fat: pinch the belly fat using the thumb and the forefinger for two minutes. Then massage the belly clockwise with your palm for two minutes.

One minute lifting

Pull your belly as much as you can. Tense your muscles and breathe normally. Count to 60, then relax.

Each step will help you lose weight

Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. During the lunch break take a little walk outside. 300 meters equals 500 steps roundtrip. With 2,400 steps you burn 115 calories.

Burn calories in the house!

Routine housework will help you get rid of extra pounds. You can burn up to 80 calories by ironing, washing windows will help you get rid of 160 calories, while shopping can help you burn up to 70 calories (if it takes at least 30 minutes).


You can burn up to 85% of the fat on your thighs if you follow, besides a strict diet, a weekly running program. Run three times a week.

Start with 5 minutes then gradually add five minutes until you reach 40 minutes of running. This method is even more effective if you do sport before breakfast. When carbohydrate storage is empty, the body works only with fat.

Image Credits: Huffingtonpost

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